How To Maintain A Wooden House

Wooden Houses – Maintenance And What To Be Aware Of

Wooden houses can be an absolute joy; like living in your very own enlarged tree house; they offer the treasure of a completely natural material and can be both comfortable and stunning. However it is not all a bed of roses. Even the best mortgage brokers will struggle to find you a mortgage if you are unable to pay for the property in cash and each wooden house has specific needs when it comes to their upkeep and maintenance.

The wooden house requires regular maintenance, both inside and outside, although not necessarily more than a traditional house made of cement. Enjoy the qualities of wood and follow the maintenance tips!



What wood for a house?

Wood types are numerous. The framework of a house, the vertical or horizontal beams that support the weight of the floors and walls, must be very resistant. Besides, to create the structure of a dwelling, certain woods have proved their worth with time! For example, pine, oak or birch have the assets to create solid foundations. These species are used both for the framework and for the exterior cladding.

What maintenance for a wooden frame?

True, wood is a matter that lives and evolves. Even so, if you choose the right wood, the preservation of the structure can last several decades. The framework therefore requires no more follow-up than any other type of framework. Especially since today, the wood is treated upstream against the various evils that could touch them. For example, treatments protect the material against attacks by insects, fungi and other mosses. Thus, the natural resistance of the wood is reinforced and no special intervention is required.



Maintenance of exterior cladding

The wood used as a cover for a house is exposed to the harsh climate. It is struggling with the rays of the sun, rain, snow or wind. In fact, some species of wood retain their qualities of insulation and resistance without any treatment. The only constraint is that the material discolours and takes on a gray hue with no consequence other than aesthetic for your habitat. In this case, the maintenance is nil! Other siding is painted or painted.

Why wood is stained?

As we have seen, the maintenance of wood plays mostly on the aesthetics of your home, not on the assets of the material. If you want to preserve the original color of your façade, it is important to stain it. With this technique, the effects of wood remain visible. The application takes place every 5 to 10 years depending on the climate. The harder it is, the more regular the interview. Before proceeding, you will need to strip, dust and apply two coats.

Paint your wood siding

Wood painting completely covers the boards. This process is more resistant than a stain, since the first maintenance is done after 15 or 20 years after the construction of your house. Indeed, the first coat of paint of your cladding is in general very resistant, because realized in factory. Subsequently, the painting will hold 10 or 15 years before renovation, thus a similar duration as for the renovation of a masonry facade.

The maintenance of a wooden house is much easier than you think! Nevertheless, do not hesitate to use a professional for more resistance and security.